Financial Planning & Analysis

Custom Software Development Solutions to Reshape, Mordernize and Organize your Business

As your company grows and your financial needs change

Count on our fractional CFO services to make the right choices for your organisation. Our Fractional CFO’s prepare, analyze, strategise Short Term and Long Term Goals Aligned to your Business Model.

Align budget analysis+ Planning & Gain accurate data backed by expert advice

Count on our fractional CFO services to make the right choices for your organisation. Our Fractional CFO’s prepare, analyze, strategise Short Term and Long Term Goals Aligned to your Business Model. Streamlining processes and implementing internal controls for effective Company Valuation.

Clear business strategy + Reporting

Count on our fractional CFO services to make the right choices for your organisation. Our Fractional CFO’s prepare, analyze, strategise Short Term and Long Term Goals Aligned to your Business Model.

Impressive Board Reporting and Representation

Have better board meetings and create alignment on the future of the company within your leadership team with facts that matter, which are represented with detailed, actionable numbers.

Easy Cash Management

Know the ins and outs of your company's cash flow. Become more proactive with cash management by using our fractional CFO services, along with built-in bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services.

Stress-free Fundraising

Our CFOs have helped raise over $180m+ for companies. We’ll clean up your financials to attract capital and guide you through the fundraising process.

Maximize your Value at exit

Our team will work beside you to make sure your exit is worth the effort you put into the company —whether through M&A, IPO, or SPACs— we make sure to help you win where it counts.

Corporate Governance Services

Having served and worked on corporate boards, we have helped clients develop programs for corporate governance, the system through which businesses are directed and controlled. Corporate governance lays out the relationships, rights and responsibilities of management, the board and shareholders.

The Advisory services team serves clients by :

Developing a board reporting program
Establishing policies and procedures for delegating authority and board committees
Developing programs for communicating with shareholders
Providing advice on different ways of raising money, and the risks and potential returns of each
Preparing for a public stock offering
Laying out the pros and cons of a reverse merger

Financial Operations Services

We have expertise across a multitude of industries and can support businesses in handling the day-to-day tasks, providing fractional team members, filling vacancies, and helping find the key employees for your companies most critical roles.

Key Roles we Offer

Chief Financial Officer
Assistant controller
Accounting manager
Senior accountant
Senior accountant
Staff financial analyst
Full charge bookkeeper
Payroll clerk

Strategic Finance

Financial modelling, forecasting and reporting
Developing and implementing a business or financial strategy
Capital planning
Board and management reporting
Debt and equity acquisitions
Creating stock option plans
Internal controls
Metric and KPI creation and monitoring
Creating and implementing the annual budget and planning process
Managing banking relationships and negotiating lines of credit
Budgeting and forecasting
Business and financial plans
Developing competitive analyses
Developing competitive analyses
Market comparison studies
Tactical financial operations support

Budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management

Working with the management team on the annual budget and planning process

Preparing monthly financial statements including actual versus budget financial analysis

Providing reports as required for the tax return


Setting up customers

Processing and managing customer invoicing, including maintaining customer files

Developing revenue recognition policy

Reviewing and recording revenue

Vendor Management

Setting up accounts payable processing systems
Setting up vendors and maintaining vendor files
Recording vendor invoices and managing accounts payable
Calculating and paying variable rate compensation amounts information

Tax Compliance

Filing monthly sales tax reports
Year-end tax reporting – Form 1099
Coordinating tax return preparation

Payroll & Banking

Recording payroll based on information from third party systems
Reconciling accounts monthly
Assisting with changes to the payroll as they occur
Managing cash balances
Reviewing quarterly compliance reports

Business Transaction Services

Owners of companies can find themselves in the process of growing through acquisitions, looking to develop a succession plan, raise capital, or execute an exit strategy. CFO Advisory Services works with our clients to determine the best strategy for owners who are going through any of these scenarios. In doing so we remain focused on helping get the best value for their companies.

Transaction services

Succession planning and structuring
Identifying and screening potential purchasers
Market or industry assessment
Due diligence on target businesses
Buyer or seller representation
Deal structuring and negotiation of terms
Identifying acquisition targets
Closing transactions.

Business & Financial Strategy Services

We employ several methods to review and identify key financial, operational, and market indicators to drive improvements across the company increasing profits and cash flows. Working with your business’s management team to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of each initiative, adjusting and re-prioritizing as needed to enhance the business.

The Advisory Services team assists clients in achieving key milestones, including :

Developing and executing exit or succession plans
Finding the right capital structures, including raising investment capital and debt financing
Identifying growth strategies
Negotiating partnerships
Making key introductions for strategic alliances
Advising on capacity and pricing matters

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