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MBC BreakThrough provides a wide range of products and services for businesses looking to expand their customer base, increase revenues and gain competitive advantage.
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MBC partners with companies that share our commitment to customer success and with whom we can deliver more comprehensive solutions to our customers

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MBC BreakThrough - what we do and why we do it

our mission

Our core mission is to transform performance by making it easier for clients to implement effective business strategies. MBC work closely with our ‘Professional Partners’ to implement effective business strategies to drive processes and profit.


Our Client Reviews

“MBC BreakThrough has been tremendous… I didn’t realize the speed at which they would start providing solutions. They first began with my finance and accounting needs, but very quickly we decided to deploy a mobile tool for my operations that really changed the game for us at CAJ. We are collecting information in the field in real time that I use to manage the workflow. It’s great and I am excited about what we are doing next!”

Juan Ramirez
Founder and President
CAJ Services LLC
CAJ Services LLC

“For the past few years we have worked hand-in-hand with MBC Breakthrough to develop new digital services and online branding. They worked closely with Osmotik to complete several key projects including a Full Stack Software Solution. They completed the projects on time and within budget and are a reliable and strategic partner for us. MBC Breakthrough took time to understand our business model and combined their expertise in software engineering and branding to build a full stack client interactive solution for our company. The feedback from our B2B client’s on our improved customer interface has been phenomenal."

Mike Joulakian
Osmosis Technology Inc
Osmosis Technology Inc

"Together CFO has worked with MBC Breakthrough for several years. Together CFO have introduced several business clients to MBC Breakthrough who have benefited greatly with Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) and the software engineering expertise they provide. We are happy to recommend the quality services provided by MBC Breakthrough supported by our own experience and that of our clients who continue to have an extensive business relationship with MBC."

Kc Chohan
Together CFO
Together CFO

What is the Most Popular Service of MBC Breakthrough ?

MBC BreakThrough interacts with a business at many levels. We usually get involved with a ‘discovery’ discussion that explores the issues facing a company. Once we’ve identified the critical problems we then break them down to the underlying symptoms causing the problem.  The discovery process for MBC BreakThrough often starts with our Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) service. Clients can utilize the multiple services we provide, but FP&A is a good entry point for most business clients.

How to Find the Solution that is perfect for my Business ?

MBC BreakThrough's role with many companies is to fix the symptoms causing the problem and implement the most appropriate solution. In order to find the perfect solution we spend time understanding your day-to-day business plus your 6 and 12 month objectives. Once we understand what makes it all tick, the perfect solution is often easier to find than you might think.

Does MBC Provide Any other Solutions ?

Once we propose the appropriate solution, it is common practice for MBC Breakthrough to bring in specialist vendors from other fields. As an example, we use specialist vendors in the IOT world to link smart devices to temperature gauges or water flow gauges to monitor data.  MBC BreakThrough acts as the primary contractor for our client and project manages the complete solution.

Can I get Custom made Solutions according to my Business ?

Custom made solutions are available for all our services, especially in software engineering. As well as providing bespoke software solutions for businesses, MBC Breakthrough works closely with Government departments to deliver secure and cost-effective projects specific to the RFP requirements of public sector organizations.

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Transforming your business to become technology savvy and data inspired

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