Integrated On-site and Back-office project reporting software.

PathWayze Platform Software

Integrated On-Site and Back Office reporting Software

For companies dependent upon precise and timely project management, PathWayze provides a suite of modular software that allows managers and supervisors to easily monitor, analyze and use on site data to improve project outcomes, reduce budget, time overruns, and increase profit margins.  We deliver onsite data input eliminating paper trail and centralizing management.

Be Data-Driven

PathWayze consists of three main components:  

• Easy to use Smart Phone or Tablet apps for on-site data capture.
• Cloud based server securely storing aggregated project data and reports.
• Desktop or Smart phone reporting views designed for specific job roles.

Relevant data is captured using Auto-fill fields

By contractors out on-site using an easy to use Smart Phone app.

Secure Cloud Data

The cloud data is ‘massaged’ and integrated with current Business Intelligence  systems to provide tailored dashboard views.

Multiview Encrypted Dashboard

The tailored and encrypted dashboard views are downloaded onto authorized  managers and supervisors’ desktops or Smart Phones.

Progress Reports

Weekly reports can be easily aggregated into monthly and quarterly progress reports.

Key Functional Modules

The main PathWayze modules address the specific demands of construction and contractor  typical reporting requirements

Time & Materials Tracking

When working with time and materials contracts, keep everyone on the same page and reduce disputes by eliminating late and lost T&M tags. Contractors can now provide professional T&M  summaries with consistent pricing, supporting documentation, and approvals. And Construction Daily Reports allow you to address overruns more quickly than ever.

Timekeeping & Payroll for Contractors

The PathWayze construction app streamlines your field timekeeping and payroll process.  Submit timecards from the field within minutes. Process construction payrolls quickly and  accurately.

Production Tracking

Accurately track and analyze construction labor costs for optimal labor productivity. PathWayze  construction software is a single source of truth for real-time field data; it provides general  contractors, subcontractors, supervisors, and all project stakeholders with the information they  need — while highlighting trends and problems so you can act fast to get them back on track.

Daily Construction Reports

Advance your construction project management to new levels of ease and efficiency. Track your projects using real-time field data in a digital Daily Construction Report — no more  waiting for paperwork to be delivered to the office or wasting time searching through emails with attachments.

PathWayze is designed by Managers for Management and Site Teams

We’re all drowning in too much data, or data not in the right format at the right time. The PathWayze engineering team will analyze your current data collection and reporting workflows and tailor the PathWayze modules to best suit your organizational structure and business processes.

Everyone in the organization will get the software tool that allows them to do their job in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our engineers will ‘tweak’ the modules to provide only the data you need in the format best suited for particular job roles:

Executive Leadership

CEOs and COOs can easily see a single overview of how individual teams and projects are performing. Senior management in all departments receive up-to-date insights into key productivity metrics that signal potential risks to overall project outcomes.

Construction Operations

Visually monitor performance metrics over the life of the project and across job sites. Easily download and share status reporting dashboards with project teams for better  collaboration.

Project Management

See project metrics such as cost code status, labor distribution, and budget vs. actual, and leverage data visualizations to quickly assess potential delays or performance risks.

Finance & Payroll

Show current project performance metrics against prior time periods, and search, filter, and group projects to review performance. Easily drill down into specific project details for greater clarity.

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