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Problems associated with Physical / Paper based documents in ConstructionCompany

Cost of paper, pen, file, staples.
Usage of paper, printer ink, files is not environmental friendly.
Storage of physical documents requires huge space.
Repetitive use of the filed documents for review and other purposes may causedamage to the documents.
Some of the documents may go missing.
Disposing the documents after expiry is a Problem (as per standards thedocuments to be disposed after they go obsolete by burning/shredding. Either wayit is not reusable)
Due to high concentration of dirt in construction sites the documents might get dirty.
When manually completing the documents, people might miss some of the fields unknowingly.

When it comes to digital transformation, the construction sectoris lagging behind many other industries.

First and foremost, it’s rare for construction companies to reward risk-sharing and innovation among rank-and-file employees. As a result, workers tend to stick totried-and-true processes that they are comfortable doing.
Construction companies often lack digital tools for managing supply chains, projects, and performance. Most construction companies are still using paper-based management systems to organize and track workflows—just like they did in the early 1900s.
For this reason, there remains a significant lack of coordination between constructionmanagers and field workers. Critical information tends to move slowly across departments and employees. This results in missed orders, mistakes, and project delays. As a result, many contractors typically underperform financially. As a whole, the construction sector has failed to keep up with the pace of innovation that we have seen in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and utilities. Add it all up, and there is a serious need for innovation and disruption in construction.
”And one of the bestways to get started is using PathWayze Mobile apps”.
Managing construction processes can be very complex. Managers mustoversee a variety of tasks such as Time & Material Tracking, daily scheduling,safety reports,Daily Construction Inspection Report, Store maintenance—thelist goes on.
Managing even basic projects with a spreadsheet or on paper can expose acompany to countless risks, which is why a growing number of companies arestarting to explore digital solutions.

Why Construction Companies Choose PathWayze ?

Inspections can be stressful and time-consuming, eating up valuable hoursthat could otherwise be spent moving projects forward. Still, it’s one of themost critical parts of the construction process.
At first, many companies were using paper forms to assess the level ofservice, suitability, and quality of its materials and the workmanship of itslabor contractors.
Now, innovative companies collect and manage this information in a single,centralized app. This ensures greater accuracy and saves time.

How PathWayze Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Construction Site Productivity

Adopting PathWayze Mobile Apps can help boost construction siteproductivity.
Providing increased efficiency, freedom and flexibility to complete thetasks at hand, and enhanced project communication and collaboration,mobile tools have real benefits for businesses
  • Capture onsite real-time data, location, signatures, even work offline

  • Keep track of project costs, budgets and timesheets

  • Manage vendor, subcontractor and project details

An app for construction site inspections with GPS and images, that allows users tocapture inspection information for specific sites. Built with PathWayze flexiblemodules, the app automatically captures GPS locations, site images, and allowscustomization of the collected data.
Enables contractors to calculate payment owed based on services rendered, andis a useful tool to quickly and easily calculate costs of services. The app allowsusers to input numerical data in to the app, calculate and display the results, andsave the entry for future recall.
Timesheet for tracking employee hours and wages, This convenient app easilytracks logs and times in and out to compute hours and calculate total wages,providing all necessary information for accounting or human resourcesdepartments.

The Solution & Benefits

by introducing PathWayze Construction ERP, an application integration tool, with user interfaces on any device.The App provided the added benefits of improved communication between the PMs and the CEO, including collecting meeting notes and action items related to each project.

by introducing PathWayze Constructionmodules, an application integration tool, with user interfaces on anydevice.
The App provides the added benefits of improved communicationbetween the PMs and the CEO, including collecting meeting notes andaction items related to each project.
The PathWayze App helps companies conform to legal and safetyrequirements.


Our PathWayze Modules are great for seeing what companies can dowith digital technologies.
You’re welcome to Install a trial version of the PathWayze Construction Industry module, customize and make them your own but we do recommend letting us help you personalise the App to your exact requirements.

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