PathWayze Contractors Modules

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Contractors Modules Features

Supply Chain Management (Purchase)

Identify business requirements for goods, materials, and services. Find reliable suppliers tomeet these requirements. Negotiate prices, build quality, and delivery terms. Set up the orderquantities and making bid requests on supply contracts.

A contract purchase order sets out the vendor’s details and potentially also payment and deliveryterms. The products to be purchased are not specified. A contract purchase order is used to createan agreement and terms of supply between a purchaser and vendor as the basis for an ongoingcommercial relationship. To order a product, the purchaser may refer to the contract purchase orderwhen raising a standard purchase order.

Sales Order

It is designed to organise client records, allowing you to track work that has beenquoted, completed and invoiced. Invoices and statements are raised automaticallyfrom the diary details and processed straight into the Accounts program.

Full histories are retained for each client and detailed management reports canhelp you analyse the efficiency of your business

Inventory Management

The role of inventory management is to maintain appropriate stock levels for thebusiness' needs, minimising wasted inventory, funds tied up in stock, and lostincome through stocks dropping too low.

Work Log Sheet

For each labor which would contain a record of the tasks assigned to themand the tasks that have been completed. It would also include the number ofhours the employee has worked.
Collects the data of who worked at what places at what time and how muchresources are consumed and also any issues faced by labor during workhours


Payroll refers to the tasks an Labor must execute to ensure Labors are paidaccurately and on time.
Multiplies the number of hours/days worked by labor with hourly/daily pay andgives the product of total payable to a labor.

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