Pathwayze Healthcare Management System Modules

Organisation Scale: MediumEmployees: 200-300

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Patient Registration

Registration is a process by which a patient's name and identity are enrolledinto the records of the hospital.
The hospital management system helps register complete patient information.It captures and stores the medical history, treatment required, details of theirprevious visits, upcoming appointments if any, reports, insurance details andmore.
It helps eliminate the need to get these details on every visit. This enables thedoctor to focus more on the treatment and improves the patient experience.

Staff Management

The staff management module lays a concrete solution to the HR organizationin hospital. It contains records of staff, their job description, their servicedomain, and other vital details.
It helps management to know the staff without going through a heavy bundleof files. Additionally, it enables management to plan the hiring process basedon the requirement in the hospital.

Appointment & Scheduling

Appointment scheduling determines which patients will see the physician, thedate and time of their appointment, and the duration of the appointment set by the medical assistant.
When patients book an appointment, Hospital Management System assignsthem to the specialist available, or the one that they prefer. For assignment, itmatches the patient’s illness to the doctor’s area of expertise

Billing and Financial Management:

A hospital management system should have a hospital billing system that provides thepossibility to manage and monitor finances and different financial operations includingtaxes, revenues, costs, and patient bills.
The medical software should also be able to automatically calculate the total costs forservices a patient was provided with as well as track the patient’s financial history. Ideally,the prices are predetermined, so as soon as a patient books an appointment, he or shecan view the final price for the service the patient requires.
In addition to the decreased workload and mitigation of human-factor errors, theautomation of the financial and billing management grants also helps to better analyze thefinancial position of a medical establishment and make necessary corrections to thestrategic course in order to increase efficiency

Inventor Management or Supply Management

Tracks the availability of medical stocks.
In order to ensure that the supply of medical materials is steady and there areno sudden shortages of critical materials, proper inventory management isrequired.
Management can monitor the supply and calculate how many items areavailable and when the next restocking is required. In addition, inventorymanagement can help monitor the expiration dates of the drugs.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory management is quite an essential part of every hospitalmanagement system because it allows for the faster retrieval of the laboratoryanalysis results.(Thanks to email notifications or messages in communicationchannels, clinic staff and patients can quickly find out about test results)
A laboratory Information management system, shortly known as LIMS, is asoftware that is used to help lab faculties in collecting samples, processingand delivering reports to patients. It acts as an interface between the labfaculties and the database where all the information and essential details arestored.

Doctors Information

Information about physicians that provide their service at theestablishment. The section should contain a list of the available doctorsand their schedules as well as the experience, achievements, andexpertise of the medical professionals.

Report Management

Reports are not an essential and yet extremely helpful feature the hospitalmanagement system can have.In the case of financial reports, patients, and doctors’ information can be a sourceof invaluable insights that help the medical establishment develop.It analyzes performance metrics to check the business profitability. Furthermore, italso provides a comparison between performance reports of different years.

Support Management

The support section of the healthcare management system should have allthe tools necessary to help the support personnel handle different issues andrequests from users as well as facilitate the proper functioning of the systemand the integrity of the data.

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