PathWayze Waste Management Software Modules

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Waste Management Modules Features

Cost Control

Helps in the identification and selection of the most cost-effective wastecollectors, transporters,treatment administrators and disposers.
It Manages the process of Invoicing and Pricing as well as estimatingcosts for anticipated waste disposals.
Software stores huge volumes of data, and even allows modifications toit, thus saving the manual effort & other critical resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Tracks down and includes all the regulation and standards applicable to alldisposal process carried out by the firm.
It also checks the facility permits and generates notification on impendingexpiry dates.
Additionally it generates RCRA(Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)hazardous waste reports.
Manage all waste-related compliance requirements for global regulationsincluding RCRA ,with proactive management of tasks associated with thoserequirements and employees responsible for completing them, all from asingle intuitive application.

Simplicity and generality

Makes easier to manage Waste profiles by combining them into one system,
Unlike manual systems where individual profiles are operated on separate levels.
View real-time data on the entire waste management lifecycle from creationand transport to disposal by location, region, operation or waste type.Role-based access ensures that employees only see data applicable to theirjob.

Waste Reduction effort monitoring

The system produces detailed information and reports on both hazardousand non-hazardous waste generated during any specified time.
It also helps the business to make informed decision based on detailsfrom waste profiles and reports.
Track the location, storage area, container type, accumulation start date,waste profile and even net weight of all waste containers to simplify themanagement of waste streams across your sites and facilities

Pay roll & Organizational structure

Payroll is defined as the process of paying salary to a company's employees.It starts with preparing a list of employees to be paid and ends with recordingthose expenses.
The payroll department takes care of wage deductions, record keeping andverifying the reliability of pay data.
Organizational structure is the method by which work flows through anorganization. It allows groups to work together within their individual functionsto manage tasks.


In the scheduling process, each vehicle has a scheduled departure thatserve each route
It also creates and manages schedules for waste collection and disposal


Consolidate, track and report your company's emissions into the environment frommany different sources.
Simple Daily Route Management : Notify Drivers to skip customers withsuspended service.
Transfer Station Management : Track and Manages origins and destination ofmaterial.
Customer’s payment status at a glance
Meet needs of the businesses, and handle variation and range within those needs

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