Pathwayze Project Management
(Business Intelligence Tools)

Operations, Manufacturing, Field Services, Healthcare, Construction

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Pathways Management Software is your key data analysis built to one dashboard for your Business

Management Solutions

Understanding your business.


Key information points
Input to Agenda Led meetings
Completion Dates
Client access points
Investor relations
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Data Input

Construction/Field Contractors/Manufacturing/Sales
Set Up Fee from $2,995


No more paper notes
Input to any handheld device or computer
Location Tracked
Progress updates
Time logged Photographs
Tracking progress
Quality verification
Centrally sourced
Easy Invoicing
Completion rerecords to finish
Presented on Dashboard
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Data Collection

Collective Key Information to One Mobile Dashboard
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Collection form ERP platforms
Purchase Orders
Financial Information
Production Planning
Key Focus Data
Key Focus Dashboard
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Our client reviews who already used “Pathwayze Project Management”

THIS IS AWESOME! When can you make it out to the resort to do this training? I will have EVERYONE there.. Mornings seem to be best on our side.

Nicole Cooley

Founder & CEO
Hope therapy

Built a Portfolio Appfor 300 private investors.    Investors nowhave access to investment and distribution of assets delivered on any smartdevice. We also use to manage sales activity throughout our team specificallybuilt for our requirements

Cayden Mathews

chief operating officer
Capital Company

We had to regulate 16 furnaces fluctuating in temperature.  Pathwayze addressed the problem with data entry from Pathwayze app straight to a dashboard. We increased quality/strength of metal molds.  Pathwayze Business Intelligence System saved in cost of product, and we did not have to invest heavily in new furnaces.

Cary Glover

Chief Financial Officer

 MBC developed a Tax Calculator demonstrating our tax solution to clients over a 5 year period.    We increased inquiries from our website from potential clients using the Calculator developed by MBC.

KC Chohan


MBC Breakthrough

Years of financial and business experience with state-of-the-art technology expertise.

Matt McNeilly - Founder & CEO

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