Bookkeeping to CFO / Financial Planning & Analytics Services

At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee

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Business Requirement

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MBC Professional Service

Book keeping
$4,166 /mo
Finance Team
$8,000 /mo
$12,500 /mo

Basic Bookkeeping

Keeping you focused on growing business


Keeping you focused on business
End of month financials
Link with Bank account
Updated P&L
Updated Balance Sheet
Income Statements
Access to MBC Tech to manage your business
No Financial Errors
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Bookkeeping & Financial Team Package

Invoicing/Collections/CFO Guidance, Investor Relations


Issue Invoices
Collection from Customers
Access to CFO advice by email for your business
End of month financial records
Link with Bank account
Updated P&L
Updated Balance Sheet
Income statements
Access to MBC Tech to manage your business
No financial errors
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CFO- Financial Planning & Analytics

Investors, Growth, Modeling, Relationships, CFO, Finance Team


Cash Flow Management
Profit Margin
Cost of goods
Monthly oversite on reconciliations
GAAP accounting
Company Liabilities Managed
Company Performance Reviewed Monthly
Department Supervision Behaviors Monthly
Financial Relationships Improved through accurate data and forecasting
Finance & Raising Capital presented with supporting data
Quarterly Management Report
Finance Obligations managed
Record Control in place and efficient
Shareholder Relations, updated. with informative, relevant, and onetime communication
Budgeting & Expense Control Managed Monthly
Process Management using existing or Data Collection software
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Our client reviews who already used “Bookkeeping to CFO / Financial Planning & Analytics Services”

MBC BreakThrough has been tremendous… I didn’t realize the speed at which they would start providing solutions. They first began with my finance and accounting needs, but very quickly we decided to deploy a mobile tool for my operations that really changed the game for us at CAJ. We are collecting information in the field in real-time that I use to manage the workflow. It’s great and I am excited about what we are doing next!”

Juan Ramirez

Founder & President
CAJ Services LLC

MBC Made an immediate impact on our internal procedures by implementing checks and balances allowing us to manage our business with confidence. MBC is a great team to work with and have made a big difference to our operation.

Tyson Mathews

Chief Financial Officer
Tiny Home Vacation

"TogetherCFO has worked with MBC Breakthrough for several years. Together CFO have introduced several business clients to MBC Breakthrough who have benefited greatly with Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) and the software engineering expertise they provide. We are happy to recommend the quality services provided by MBC Breakthrough supported by our own experience and that of our clients who continue to have an extensive business relationship with MBC."

KC Chohan


Matt McNeilly - Founder & CEO

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